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This Wild Life - Re: Snakes and Rats Animal Videos and wildlife videos. Great Wild of South Africa, Australia, America and India!! Uploaded by animallover

In Animals added 5 years ago.
Watch great animal and wildlife videos. See the wild of South Africa, Australia, India, America and the world right here! Recorded at in Costa Mesa, CA Re: Snakes and Rats It's incredibly exciting to release new music for This Wild Life. It's also, incredibly humbling that we have so many fans and friends that were willing to be a part of this video, and for that, it's all the more special. Let me explain the meaning behind this song. Growing up in Long Beach, CA Mikey and I (Kevin) have been friends with the dudes in the Greenery dating all the way back to first grade in Grammar School. We grew up skating, wrestling, playing sports, and playing in our VERY FIRST bands together. About the time when we graduated High School, both of our bands started to get serious. While releasing records and touring the country, some kind of sibling rivalry was created between our bands and it's members. It's always kind of been this unspoken tension between us, and although we support each other's band's immensely, it's something that's caused it's issues within our group of close knit friends. I can't honestly tell you where this tension came from, and I can't even say who cast the first stone, but we've both said some shitty things about each other's bands both in person and in songs. Last year when the Greenery released their debut full length, they released a song titled "Snakes and Rats" that was directed towards our band. They threw some hooks, some jabs, and even a few low blows and left me confused as to how I should react. Til ... Watch more amazing wildlife videos on

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