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America latest The Difference Between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney happenings in USA Uploaded by johnp

In America added 5 years ago.
America latest Videos originally uploaded by livefreenh and edited by myself For an alternative to our anti-democratic system check out Jim Rogers latest project to create a system that will hold politicians feet to the fire, and to put shackles on lobbyists so that they can no longer control the system. One day we might have a system that's controlled by the people and is for the people. This is an idea put forth for Americans but it can easily work in any other part of the world. For a global freedom movement check out Ron Paul Peter Schiff Jim Rogers Tom Thomas Woods Ayn Rand Bob Chapman Lindsey Williams Alex Jones Marc Faber Milton Friedman presidential elections new hapmshire primaries caucuses Obama GOP Newt Gingrich Rick Perry Mitt Romney Rick Santorum Michele Bachman Herman Cain Jon Huntsman Gary Johnson Tim Pawlenty Prison Planet RT Russia Today happenings in USA

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