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America latest Father Ted - Going To America happenings in USA Uploaded by johnp

In America added 5 years ago.
America latest Father Ted tries to break the news to Mrs Doyle and his house mates that they can't go to America with him. Mrs Doyle takes it really badly. Life is hard for Father Ted. Banished to windswept Craggy Island (for reasons which never quite become clear, but might have something to do with missing Church funds), he is forced to share a house with three of the most difficult people in Ireland. Father Jack has not been sober since 1936. His vocabulary consists of three words, only two of them printable. Father Dougal is young, innocent and almost inconceivably stupid. He once conducted a christening and the subsequent explosion destroyed the church. Mrs Doyle, the housekeeper, has one sole purpose in life - to supply the priests with cups of tea, usually against their will. Like Father Ted on facebook: Hat Trick Productions - All Rights Reserved "father ted" comedy funny priests god "mud angel" "jack dougal" visions apparations faith catholicism "channel 4" "Ice Age" "father tedd" "british comedy" "british humour" "british humor" priest church holy pope "tv show" "british tv" "going to america" america "mrs doyle" happenings in USA

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