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How to get Pregnant - Guaranteed pregnancy naturally and quickly within 2 months. Uploaded by bodhiman

In Health added 4 years ago.
CLICK ON THE BANNER IMAGE BELOW OR AT THE RIGHT AND FIND THE BEST WAY TO GET PREGNANT NATURALLY AND QUICKLY IN 2 MONTHS! Lisa: Hey Stephanie! Lisa: Hey Stephanie, how are you? I dont see you much these days? Whats the matter? Is everything alright? Stephanie: Lisa, how do I say it to you. I dont quite understand. Both of us, Mike and me are upset that I have not got pregnant although we are trying since last 8 months. That is kinda depressing and I stay put at home and dont feel like coming out anywhere. I am sorry that I did not even return your call the other day. Lisa: Thats ok Stephanie. Its ok if you do not return the call but not ok for me to see you so down and depressed. Lisa: You dont have to be depressed about it. Let me guide you on how to get pregnant. Now, listen carefully! These are some facts everyone should know who is trying to get pregnant. There are some women who may find it more difficult than others to get pregnant. However, this should not be a matter for concern for most. The important thing is to know when you are most likely to ovulate. When you are ovulating, you must have sexual intercourse in the missionary position. I will tell you some ways to get pregnant naturally without the need for any external treatment. First, you must Know your Cycle. For every woman, the signs of fertility are different and you must know yours which is very important to get pregnant as soon as you want. I know a lot of my friends who complain to me that they didnt know when they were ovulating and hence missed their chance to get pregnant. You dont be one of them. The best way is to put it on a chart. I will tell you what are the important signs of fertility. You might notice change in body temperature, some changes in cervical position when you are about to ovulate and some kind of cervical mucus. Also, you may feel sensitive in your breast and may experience an increased libido. You dont have to be ashamed of it. It is all natural and thats how we all have been created. You may have some ovulation pain and spotting when you are ovulating. Stephanie: Thanks Lisa for guiding me. I indeed did not know about these things. Can you tell me more? Lisa: Sure Steps, I am your friend and always here to help. Listen now. You should also Know the Right Position The chances of getting pregnant increases when you do it in the missionary position. This is because your pelvis should be tilted upwards towards the cervix. What you must do is, to put a pillow under the hips. This will help the sperm to instantly enter the vagina and reach the uterus after traversing through the cervix. If you get an orgasm at the same time when your partner is having it is ideal for getting pregnant. And always remember, you should not get up immediately after the act for cleaning up. Never do that if you want to get pregnant. Just lie on your back for atleast 20-30 minutes. Stephanie, you must also Know to keep your Vagina conducive to the sperm What you apply around the vagina also matters. Dont use any kind of spray or any such thing that kills the virility of the sperm. Keep it clean and free from any kind of infections. If you have any, get it treated. Finally, Stephanie, understand that your diet is also equally important. What you eat must should not increase the insulin levels in your body. Avoid dairy, coffee, alcohol and such things which is not conducive for proper ovulation. You must take a lot of water which will increase your fertility mucus.You can also take vitamin supplements that increases the production of fertility mucus. I hope you know what Fertile mucus is? Stephanie: Yes, the one that appears like egg white. Lisa: Yeah you got it. Finally, dont worry about anything. This is a natural process and it is best to keep it that way. I wish you all the best. Call me anytime you want and I will be with you. Stephanie: Thank you Lisa, you are truly the ideal friend everyone should have. CLICK ON THE BANNER IMAGE BELOW OR AT THE RIGHT AND FIND THE BEST WAY TO GET PREGNANT NATURALLY AND QUICKLY IN 2 MONTHS! Visit

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