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Simple Life - Amazing & inspiring video about life & simple living. Uploaded by bodhiman

In Philosophy, Spirituality & God added 4 years ago.
Simple Life! A rich man takes his son on a trip to a village to show him the general life of people there & also the poverty they live in. Idea was to make him realize the luxury he was being offered on a Silver spoon. So after the trip, father asked his son "So son, what did you learn from this trip?" Son replies "We have one dog they have 4, we have swim pool, they have rivers, we need to buy vegetables, they grow their own, we have bulbs at night, they have stars illuminating, we are guarded by walls, they by friends we have encyclopedias, they have bible" Saying this he asked the shocked father " Dad, why can't we be rich like them" Well friends, the Moral is "Simple life does not mean poverty & money does mean richness, it's about the simplicity of having God in our lives"

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