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Dholes - Wild Dogs Kill Tigers & Leopards Uploaded by johnp

In Animals added 5 years ago.
The Dhole (Cuon alpines) is a fairly small member of the canine family, weighing in at 20-45 lbs. Though diminutive on an individual scale, as a pack, they can be ferocious enemies. Throughout history, dholes have reflected their tenacity in fearless contest against prey, leopards, and even tigers. Some people do not believe this is possible, but according to Arcane, a big cat enthusiast, what many westerner's doubt as truth, it is a well known fact in India. She provided a list of literature that has, throughout the ages, cited the relentless reputation of the dhole in dispute with leopards, tigers, and even bears. "The wild dogs of India go under the name of Buansa, Dhole, and Kolsun, are found in Nepal, the Nilgiris, Coromandel, the Dekkan, etc...They kill tigers and cheetahs, and the remains of hogs and deer are to be found in their path." Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals - 2007 "Dhole will kill tigers and bears that compete with them for kills." - The Welfare of Dogs - 2006. "Schaller (1967) reports that packs of dholes are capable of driving a tiger (panthera tigris), 10 times their size, from kills." The Biology and Conservation of Wild Canids 2004 "One fear is about the dhole is that a high density population can supress tiger and leopard populations" On Jim Corbett's trail and Other Tales from Tree-tops - 2004 "Tigers and leopards take flight after a clash with a pack of dholes, perhaps over the ownership of a kill, and they are frequently forced <b>...</b>

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