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Big Cats Roar Leopard Lion Tiger Puma, Cheetah, jaguar puma cougar white lion white tiger Uploaded by johnp

In Animals added 5 years ago.
Video shows the roars or vocalization of the big cats including the lion, tiger, and leopard. Many videos of a roaring lion exist, fewer exist of the tiger, and very few exist of the leopard. This video captures the very rare view of a roaring leopard. It also captures a puma meowing like a cat. These animals belong to the group termed the big cats. The term, big cat distinguishes large cat species from smaller ones. A general definition of big cat includes the four species of cat in the genus Panthera: the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar. They are the only cats able to roar. Another definition also includes the cheetah, snow leopard, clouded leopard, and cougar. The roaring cats may be distinguished from the other big cats by referring to them as the "great cats". Three of the four largest cats are members of the genus Panthera; the cougar or puma or mountain lion, is the fourth largest cat, and it exceeds the leopard in size. The lion is most noted for its roaring. One reason is that it is expressive with facial and body movements while roaring. Both female and male lions are shown roaring. The others may bellow as hard, but do not have the body language of the lion. The video shows the lion, tiger, leopard, black and spotted jaguar, puma cougar mountain lion, cheetah, Palla's cat, white lion, and white tiger. Although the lion is noted for its golden brown color, under certain lighting conditions, the adult lion has spots, as do many other cats, as shown. The tiger <b>...</b>

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