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RunaMochak Mangal Stotram Vedic slokas Vedas mantras Uploaded by godhere

In Philosophy, Spirituality & God added 5 years ago.
Watch Vedic slokas, sanskrit hymns, hindu rituals and Vedas Mantras here on RunaMochak Mangal Stotra is in Sanskrit. It is from Skanda Purana. Bhargava has recited or created this stotra. This stotra is very effective and it makes oneself free from debt. Anybody who recites this stotra daily with unshakable faith, devotion and concentration receives blessings from Bhagwan Mangal and becomes free from all his debt and receives ample money. This stotra is praise of Bhagwan Mangal by reciting his many names which starts from 1st stanza. 1 Mangal, Bhoomi Putra (son of Land), RunaHartha (Remover of debt), DhanaPrada (he who gives money), Stirasano (having a steady kingdom), Mahakaya (having a big and strong body), sarvakarma varodhaka (he who can create trouble in any task), 2 lohito, lohitaksha (he who is having eyes like hot iron), becomes pleased by praise, Dhartmaja (Son of Land), Kuja, Bhoumo, Bhootido, Bhoominandana. 3 Angarko, Yama, Destroier of diseases, if pleased then makes a person successful in any endeavor. 4 Whosoever recites the above listed Bhagwan Mangals names daily becomes free from debt and he receives plenty of money very shortly. 5 I bow to Bhagwan Mangal who has born from Land, who has a body like lightening, who has Shakti as a weapon his hand and who is always young. 6 Who recites this stotra daily becomes free from any troubles from Bhagwan Mangal. Bhgawan Mangal never makes even a small trouble to such person. 7 Bhagwan Mangal you are blessing your devotees. I am reciting your names hence please remove my debt and make me ...

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