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Big Cats: Are You Aware? Uploaded by arturo

In Animals added 5 years ago.
I didn't enter this contest to win I entered because it gave me the opportunity to express what I'm most passionate about. No words can describe how much I love these animals, its my dream to work with them someday and help them anyway I can. Tried looking for some footage on the regular leopard but I couldn't find anything in good quality. : ( Florida Panther: Due to the everglades being destroyed by humans the panther is losing territory. The two top reasons of death is being hit by cars or fighting with one another over territory. For more info check out this website: Clouded Leopard: This cat is so rare its hardly ever caught on tape in the wild, most of it is because they are extremely close to extinction the other reason is because they mainly live in the trees. Their threat is humans, people hunt them down for their beautiful coat, claws and teeth. For more info go to this website: Tigers: Some subspecies of Tiger are already extinct, they are the Bali Tiger, the Javan Tiger, and the Caspian Tiger. Habitat loss, poaching for fur are the main cause of the deaths of Tigers. For more info go to this website: Snow Leopard: Global warming is a big threat to these cats, since they mainly live in the snow their habitat is starting to melt. Due to this they are losing their food and are going hungry. Also their coat is another threat to them due to poachers hunting them for it. For more info go to this website ...

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