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Adventures in Retail - Adventures In Retail! Store closes promptly at nine! Episode 8! Uploaded by cartoonist

In Cartoon added 5 years ago.
...Please read... This is a mini series about the awful things that happen to workers in the retail industry. Did something awful happen to you at work, did a customer belittle you in front of a line, or did your boss undermine you in front of a customer?!? WELL I WANNA KNOW ABOUT IT! Send me a message with YOUR story (and SUBSCRIBE!) and you could be in my next cartoon :)! Animation - Suzy Berhow (Meeperfish) Audio mixed by - Egoraptor Voice Actors- Arin Hanson (Egoraptor) Joshua Tomar (Tomamoto) Special thanks to - Arin Hanson (Egoraptor) It seems every time i close up shop someone thinks if they can Indiana Jones under the gate before it is fully closed than they can still shop in the store for an infinite amount of time. I still don't get where people get that idea. Or like when the store is already closed and they come up to the door and ask if they can come in JUST to buy one thing. Its like dude, my registers have been off for like 30 mins ):! Am I right...? uh never mind lol.

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