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Minecraft Painting Timelapse: Heaven's Peak Uploaded by shaun82

In Transportation added 5 years ago.
Here is a painting timelapse of Rosedragon and Soulsoda's creation: Heaven's Peak! Heaven's Peak serves as the entrance to Talmor. Home now to a variety of floating islands left standing after the Great Shift of Voxels destroyed the mighty mountain and temple that rested upon it. Many believe the power behind the destruction as well as levitation of the islands is derived through the magic of the Source Crystal. It has been noticed that the islands have been attuned to the areas within Talmor. Each island a dedication to a respective aspect of the diverse lands of Talmor, and each for its own reason acting as a medium for transportation in Talmor. Heaven's Peak has but 1 resident, the dragon of the stars, Tenyruu. One of the largest eastern dragons to be known, he traveled down from the stars after witnessing the Great Shift. He swirls around the island as he pleases, ensuring none tamper with the Source crystal, and that another Great Shift never happens. Made by: rosedragon and SoulSoda with help of: Narolas, ohschis, legostothemax, darkchaosrunner, golfmaster44, SpecterCody, and others. More from rosedragon: More about Heaven's Peak: Time used: 7 hours 10 minutes Tool used: - wacom bamboo fun small - adobe photoshop - artrage studio 3 (epic brushes!) - coffee - musicsssss Special thanks to Daveite for the 3D logo! Cheers! :D Music: "I dunno" by grapes is licensed under a Creative Commons license: ...

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