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Love is Pain *Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber love story* ep 33! LAST ONE! Uploaded by trending

In Trending added 5 years ago.
20 years later SM That day when the Asteriod hit was the saddest day ever in my life... Mr.Snow never did become president but most of the world was gone.... We stayed the United States trying to build our ecomony back together.. Justin lost most of his memory for 20 years. But I helped him regain it.. Josh was blind for 10 years but Jennifer helped him through.. Jennifer fell in love with him on the way... I was handicapped but the latest scientist got me a new leg.... I can walk again.... Ashley was death for 14 years but Carlos helped her.. Carlos had brain problems but he was okay.... Jennifer , she hardly got hurt.. It was a miracle for her... Demi and Joe got married later on in the future.. It was a miracle that the Baby didnt die that tragic day... Nick became Gay and is with a guy name John.. No wonder he never got a gf.. He is gay.... Jennifer and Josh have 3 kids... Two boys , 1 girl... The boys name is Gale and Peeta the girls name is Katniss... Ashley and Carlos got married and had one kid name Seth........ Liam and Miley were both in a coma and Miley woke up first and then Liam woke up and they had 5 kids.... 3 girls, 2 boys...... Demi and Joe had 7 kids.... When i go to her house its like a crowded house.... She named the little girl Hope cause she was mentally ill when she was born cause of the asteriod mest up the baby.. But now Demi is still fighting for her mentally illness to go away.. She has diabetes and docors say her illness may involve cancer ...

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